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The Bible, Hebrew, and Hebrew Thought; My Mission



My name is Charles van den Berg, I live in the Netherlands and am married with Neshera.

I completed successfully two university studies (theology and exegesis). My focus has always been on the Hebrew/Jewish background of the Scriptures.During twenty years I worked in a Bible school, where my task was to develop courses and provide course content.

In 2000 I founded my own organization  “Logos Biblestudies”, with the sole purpose of spreading Bible studies, without cost for interested people. Around that time I also created the first website to spread Bible studies in the Dutch language.

In addition to my  primary work, I contributed to a department of “The Hebrew University of Jerusalem” from 2012 until June 2016, in a supporting role in course development.

Momentarily I make a restart of my own organization under the new name “PaRDes Bible Studies’. This time I am supported by several volunteers. In the time to come, on a regular basis new studies will be published on this site, that you may freely Read, Download, Print or Share with others, without charge.



My vision…



The Bible has been written by Jews, who thought in Hebrew. That is also true for the New Testament. Although the authors expressed themselves using the Koine Greek language, their thoughts were Hebrew. For the first few centuries after Christ, the church has torn the Bible from her Hebrew/Jewish origins and context, and redefined her contents from the viewpoint of the Greek-Hellenistic thoughts of philosophers as Plato and Aristoteles. This approach is propagated in the translation of the Bible in modern languages. The immense richness, to be found in the original, authentic text, remains unseen and untouched. Therein are as many treasures as there are words. Each word is a treasure chamber, filled with items, that should make us wonder, once they are unveiled. Therefore, in my studies I willies exclusively the ground texts and apply the system of Jewish hermeneutics (PaRDeS) as it was customary to use at the time Yeshua’s life on earth. I will explain the results - of course with the aid of the translations- in such a manner that they will be understandable for the reader. Across all the interesting studies, the reader will familiarize with the deep and rich significance of Hebrew words, and learn (again) to read the Bible from the point of view inspired by Hebrew Thought.